Junior League Battles

We are pleased to inform hookah lovers from all over the world about the start of our new project

Afzal HB Local 2019 - is 20 junior league competitions that will be held in 14 countries under the auspices of a Big Hookah Marathon.



What is the Junior League?

The junior league is a local competition of the first level of the official Hookah Battle League, which is held in major cities based on festivals, restaurants and other locations by our regional representatives. (We recommend that you look at the list of events by reviewing the tape of all competitions. Perhaps your city is there!)

In 2019, a series of the local competions will be held in a joint collaboration of the Indian company SOEX (manufacturers of the legendary tobacco Afzal) and Hookah Battle.



Prize pool

The general prize fund of the junior league will be $20000 + the best winning team will receive a trip to India on the special resort. (You could find the list of the winning teams in the "Winners" category below, it will be updated after each of the local competition)

We invite professional shisha masters to take part in the world's first hookah marathon. To do thus, you have to register your team and add it to the website of the one of the local league events. (You could find the full list of events in the slider at the top)



How to take part?

Participants need to prepare a hookah for the jury, consisting of the competentest representatives of the regional professional hookah community. The jury assessed a hookah by 4 criteria: the quantity of smoke, the taste, the quality of inhale and aestetic design. A participant can be any person of legal age. You could participate by personal or as a representative of a company - hookah lounges, hookah catering, hookah manufactures etc. 

To register as a member you have to fill a simple form on the official website Hookahbattle.com. (The detailed guide how to registrate a team here)

Participation in Hookah Battle is free!

And of course every true connoisseur of hookah culture must not miss this exciting event.



See you at the Afzal Hookah Battle Junior League 2019!

Hookah Battle team.


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